Happy Thanksgiving!!

Happy thanksgiving y’all!! We are gearing up to cook our (second) Thanksgiving meal this afternoon. The dining facility on base hosted one yesterday and it was delicious! They had everything you might want for thanksgiving including shrimp cocktails and suckling pigs! We are trying to keep ours small because we leave for Switzerland tomorrow for a skiing adventure and won’t be around to eat many leftovers.

Here is what we have been up to in the last 2 weeks:

We had some professional pictures taken by another military spouse who has her own photography business. You might have seen some of the pics on Facebook, here are a few of our favorites:


Last weekend we went to Triberg in the Black forest (I recently posted about it when I went with Leah) to hunt for a cuckoo clock and to show Glenn the waterfall hike! We were able to do the full hike this time – last time the top half was closed, and we found the exact cuckoo clock we were looking for! It started snowing while we were there and it was beautiful! We hiked, ate lunch in one of the older German restaurants in the town, and shopped afterwards. 019c5f09f9ee1d44828fc17c4c333a9d963ffde21f

Above is a picture of Triberg, it is a very old town in the Black forest and the original home to cuckoo clocks! If you look in the background at the farthest treeline that is almost hidden that is where we hiked up. Below is a similar cuckoo clock to the one we bought, we can’t put ours up here without putting a bunch of cement screws into the wall so it will probably stay safely in its box until we move back to the states.


I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving!!


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