The rest of Leahs trip and a race!

Sorry this took so long to post! Here is some fun from Leahs trip 🙂

Triberg Waterfall


We headed into the Black Forest for some hiking and to check out the cookoo clocks. Triberg is the home of the original cookoo clock. They have everything from small and understated to oversized and very intricate. We will definitely be making a trip back to get one before we leave Germany!

The next day we ventured down to Switzerland to see Rhine Falls


We spent the morning walking the trails around the falls, looking at souvenirs, and we ate lunch at a cafe overlooking the falls. Later that day my travel buddies took the train from Stuttgart to Munich to finish out their trip. I am so glad I was able to see them while they were here!

Last weekend was the final race for the cross country team! We participated in a community 5K on base. After a little mix up in registration (they forgot to register coaches when they registered the kids), I was able to run under someone elses bib number. I placed as the first overall female in the race with a time of 20:46! That is a PR for me so I was really excited. The timing system (both primary and backup) failed so they were not able to do awards after the race but I did get to pick up my medal a few days later 🙂

We spent this last weekend relaxing and enjoying the beautiful fall weather. I was able to get in a longer bike ride, that might be the last one for a while since the temps are starting to drop. We also got some professional pictures done! We got really lucky because the weather was supposed to be rainy all morning with cloud cover in the afternoon, but it turned out partly sunny and warm. I can’t wait to see how they turn out!

Our next trip is to Zermatt, Switzerland with some friends in a few weeks! It is supposed to be beautiful and have great skiing!

Have a great week everyone! XO


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