What we’ve been up to lately

Hi y’all! We have been pretty busy the last couple of weeks – some traveling, some oktober festing, and some skydiving (the hubs, not me!). Here are some pics and updates from what we have been doing recently.

We headed to Garmish in southern Germany last week for a few days for a team sponsored retreat. They have a military base there with a nice hotel/lodge..I say nice but it is actually pretty similar to a lot of stateside hotels which are very nice in comparison to a lot of similarly priced european hotels. The rooms are much much bigger, they have a pool and gym facility, and (my favorite) they have TV in english :)You kind of forget what a typical American hotel is like when you stay in a bunch of european ones.


Then we were off to Lake Constance last weekend for the Sparkasse half marathon. After some confusion over where the packet pickup was we eventually got there right before they closed. One pretty awesome thing about racing in Europe is a lot of the races offer a pasta party the night before the race when you pick up your packet that is included in the price of your entry! The race took place on Sunday morning starting on one side of the lake (in Germany) and ending on the other (in Austria). You rode a boat from the finish line over to the start and then you run back around. It rained for the first 6 or so miles and standing at the start in the rain was pretty miserable (you had to be there 1.5 hours early bc thats when the last boat got you there) somehow every race I’ve run here has been in the rain.

I was really happy with my time, a new PR! My overall time was 1:43:02 which evens out to around 7:50/mile (fastest mile – 7:41, slowest mile – 8:06). I was really wanting a PR in this race and I trained really hard but I really didn’t think it was going to happen when we got out there and had less than stellar race conditions.

Boat to the start line


Last night we went to Volksfest in Stuttgart (it is Stuttgart’s version of Oktoberfest since the only one called Oktoberfest here is in Munich). We had tickets in a tent for 1/2 a chicken and 3 mass beers (1 liter!) – this is the typical way the tickets work, if you don’t have tickets it is very hard to get into the tents during the evenings. There are a few different tents but they all have similar food/drinks and a band. We went with a bunch of people we knew and it was a lot of fun. We had hoped to make it to Munich too but our weekends have been so busy that it was over before we got a chance (Oktoberfest is actually from Mid Sept – the beginning of October). The whole thing is kind of like a huge county fair with food stands, rides, and games. 0108920aac8236370fda26a665d384c20ae58d8ae7

We are relaxing at home this weekend. We have a home cross country meet tomorrow but otherwise I think we’re both happy for the break! Have a great weekend!


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