Labor Day weekend travels

We spent our labor day weekend in Prague! It is a beautiful city and had been on our European bucket list for a while. Glenn had just gotten back from a work trip so he was pretty jet lagged, but we wanted to use the long weekend for traveling since we won’t have a lot of other chances for travel this fall.

The most memorable thing from our trip was definitely the beer spa! Yes, I said beer spa! You get an hour in a private spa room, since we went with friends the 4 of us shared a room with 2 hot tubs and a big hay bed (for relaxing after the hot tub – I think we laughed about that more than we relaxed). You also have a tap built into the tub so you can enjoy unlimited beer while your hot tub-ing! The tub was actually full of hot water plus ingredients they use to make their beer like hops, yeast, and malt. You’re not supposed to shower for multiple hours afterwars to get the maximum effect of the spa (they say the beer ingredients make your skin super soft) but I showered immediately afterwards because not everything dissolves in the water so it feels like you’re covered in sand. I still thought my skin felt softer afterwards even without waiting. Here are some pics from the spa:

In the beer tub!
In the beer tub!
The hay bed for post tub relaxing
The hay bed for post tub relaxing

We also checked out the Prague Castle and St Vitus Cathedral

Prague Castle
Prague Castle
St Vitus Cathedral
St Vitus Cathedral

We spent some time in the downtown area for dinner and to check out a cocktail bar. We even talked 2 bike taxis into racing so we could race our friends around the main square. I thought we were going to hit people and walls multiple times during the ride but it was really fun!

In other non-travel news I started assistant coaching for the middle school cross country team last week and so far practices have gone really well. Some of our team is running in the high school XC meet this Saturday so we will see how we do in an older field! It is so cool to see how excited they are about running!

Happy Friday everyone!


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