So many day trips!

My mom came to visit for 2 weeks and during her trip we squeezed in as many day trips (and 2 overnight trips) as possible. We made it to 3 countries (4 if you include germany), 2 castles, 1 waterfall, and a chocolate factory. Plus lots of other exciting adventures. Here were the places we hit:

Salzburg Austria

Sound of Music Tour FTW
Sound of Music Tour FTW
Sound of Music Gazebo
Sound of Music Gazebo

Munich Germany – We spent some time walking around the Marienplatz and went to Dashau Concentration Camp on our way back to Stuttgart

"Work sets you free" gate entering Dashau
„Work sets you free“ gate entering Dashau

Ludwigsburg Castle and Hohenzollern Castle (sorry no picture of Hohenzollern)

Ludwigsburg Castle
Ludwigsburg Castle

Ritter Sport Chocolate Factory

Chocolate for days
Chocolate for days

We drove to Switzerland to see „the Niagra Falls of Europe“ aka Rhein Falls. Definitely smaller than Niagra Falls but still beautiful and a great day trip. We hit Hohenzollern on the way back home!


We also drove to France for a day to check out the small town of Soufflenheim. It is a town of potters and they all have their own small shops filled to the brim with their pottery. On the way home we stopped at an outlet mall that reminded me of the ones in the states, if anyone reading this is in Europe- Roppenheim Outlets are amazing and you should definitely check them out!

Of course we spent a little bit of time in downtown Stuttgart and eating some typical German foods. I have really grown to like Doner and Rotewurst (a type of Bratwurst) so I wanted my mom to try them as well. She liked them just as much as I do! It was a great trip and so nice to have her here for a few weeks.

Anyone have any favorite german foods that I should try or amazing day trips?


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