Lake Bled, Slovenia

Get ready for these pictures, this place was beautiful!

Last weekend we drove to Slovenia (about 6 hours south west) for a 3 day weekend. We stayed at Garden Village which is a glamping (glamorous camping!) site. They have tree houses, large tents and pier tents. We stayed in a pier tent which meant we had our own little dock on a river and shared a communal bathroom. They also had a large infinity pool, 5 star restaurant and a couple group hang out areas throughout the property. They are a green facility so they grow all of their own fruits and veges in their garden. We were only a 5 minute walk to Lake Bled and all the shops and restaurants. Our tent came with an air mattress and had outlets and a mini fridge, it was the perfect combination of camping and hotel for me.

Our pier tent
Our pier tent
This is a picture of the tree houses
This is a picture of the tree houses

Here is a picture of Lake Bled (there is an island in the middle that you can get to by boat, kayak, SUP or swimming). We paddle boarded around the island on Friday morning.


We also did 2 hikes while we were there, a longer one on Saturday in a National Park that had some pretty challenging parts. We had to cut that hike short because it started to thunderstorm. On Sunday morning we did a shorter hike in Vintgar Gorge (picture below), it was amazing. It felt like we were in a travel magazine of the most beautiful places!

Vintgar Gorge
Vintgar Gorge

Slovenia wasn’t a place we had initially planned to travel to but after hearing such great things about it and finding Garden Village online we added it to our „must travel list“. We will be traveling through Spain and Italy next week so we get to cross some other places off that list soon!


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