Recovery mode

We are definitely in recovery mode from our race on Saturday. There has been a lot of foam rolling, stretching, and NSAIDS at our house. We had a great race and our muscles can feel it! We both agreed mid race that it was one of the hardest things we had ever done. The race included 6000 feet of elevation over 35.6 km, we finished right around the 5 hour mark. That put us in the middle of the pack as far as the entire field went. The male winner of our race finished in 2:35, and the female winner was in at 3:06!

It rained for the entire week leading up to the race (and for the first 13ish miles on race day) which meant there was a lot of mud and some of the downhill trails turned into miniature streams. The course was technically difficult single track on both the major downhills and on one of the larger ascents but the rest of the course was on mostly forest roads and larger trails. I wish I had taken more pictures during the race but the combo of rain and not wanting to waste time getting my camera out during the race meant that I didn’t end up taking any. The aid stations were amazing (one of my favorite things about trail races), they had tons of fruit, different carbs, warm broth, and multiple drink options.

I think part of the reason the race went so well was our gear, I stayed relatively warm and dry even though it was raining and cold for most of the race. We had to carry at least a rain jacket and an extra long sleeve shirt and pants but I ended up having an extra jacket in my pack as well which was great for once the rain stopped but it was still cold. I changed my shirt 3 times during the race which was probably unnecessary but made me way more comfortable, so probably still worth it. Knowing other runners are running twice the distance you’re doing is also a big motivator since you know even though your legs are getting tired they have so much further to go!

Here are some before and after pictures I took:

At the start line
At the start line
After the finish
After the finish
Shoes after the race (they are Salomon's and they were amazing!)
Shoes after the race (they are Salomon’s and they were amazing!)
This is the mountain we ran over!
This is the mountain we ran over!

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