Monday Things

Hi friends! Nothing too new to report here. Glenn gets back from the states soon and we have a few things planned, but until then it’s just life as usual. I signed up for a scuba certification course that starts this weekend so I have been working on my „homework“ for the class. At the end I will be a certified open water diver which will make it easier for us to dive anytime we want since Glenn is already certified. The certification lasts for your lifetime so its a pretty great investment even if you’re only planning on diving a few times because the cost of the course would be equal to the pre-dive safety course required by all companies if you were going to dive on vacation. We are hoping we can get some diving in when were on our cruise in July!

Hopefully I will have some more DIY furniture to show you soon, I am planning to start using the workshop on one of the bases after we take a safety class next week. Having access to lots of tools and a work space should make bigger projects easier.

I (finally!) finished this DIY project last week. It took a while to find a frame big enough because a lot of stores didn’t sell them and ordering online takes quite a while to get here.


I followed this tutorial to turn our first dance lyrics into custom wall art:

The only thing I changed was taking the canvas off the wooden frame because it was not completely square so it wouldn’t fit into the picture frame. It made it easier to hang anyway since if you leave the canvas on the frame you can’t get the picture frame backing on.

Have a great week!



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