Fruhlingsfest 2015

Sorry for another long break! Glenn was home for a week so we were able to get in some fun things but otherwise life has been just the typical things like work and running.

You might have seen pictures on facebook or instagram from Fruhlingsfest (Spring Fest) last week. It is like October Fest only in Spring and I had no idea it existed prior to moving here. It was a lot of fun! You can get reservations in a tent (there are 4 tents) for a plate that includes 1/2 a roasted chicken with a roll and 3 mass beers (1 liter each!!). The fest also has all kinds of rides, think carnival on steriods.

View from the top of the fariswheel
View from the top of the fariswheel

The traditional outfit worn by women is a drindl (that’s what I am wearing in the pictures) and men wear lederhosen, but Glenn got back the day before fest and was not up for intense shopping (I say intense because it would involve trying on clothes at a store and he hates that). So we will have to wait until next time he is home so we can get him lederhosen for October fest. I lucked out and found an outlet that has drindls and lederhosen for really affordable prices, but even there you can find outfits that go up into the $500s!

Mass beer = 1 liter
Mass beer = 1 liter


We also went to the best Thai food (in our opinion) in Stuttgart while he was here. There are a lot of Thai restaurants but we hadn’t found one that tasted like what we were used to (aka spicy). For anyone that is local Tiffany Thai at the Schlossplatz was amazing!

I also binge watched Grace and Frankie on Netflix (great show!) and found a new really cool blog that I probably spent way too much time reading yesterday called Young and Domestic. The couple is remodeling their entire house that was built in 1900! You can find them here:

I think thats all my news, what is new with you?



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