Switzerland ski adventure and Nuremburg weekend

Hi friends! I hope you’re all having a great week (happy almost Friday)!! The last few weeks have been pretty busy, but we got in some fun adventures.

On Jan 10 we headed down to Montafon Austria with Outdoor Recreation (a program on base that hosts trips, rents equipment, and does tons of other cool things). We boarded our bus at 5 am and were on the slopes by 9. The runs were great, we have gotten a lot of snow recently so everything was open and it was super easy to navigate all the lifts and pistes. If you’re ever looking for a great place to ski in Austria I would recommend Montafon. It was by far the most user friendly of all the places we have gone so far so we got in a lot more runs throughout the day. We got back that night around 9 and still got all of Sunday to relax and recover.

We went to Nuremburg this past weekend to explore and see some great historical sites. We attempted to tour the Imperial Castle but ended up being too late to go on a guided tour so we looked around on our own. It has been around since 1050 which is pretty cool to think about. We also toured the Nazi Rally grounds and the Fascination and Terror exhibit at the museum there. The exhibit showed the timeline from the start of the National Socialist German Workers‘ Party through the Nuremburg Trials. Interestingly there was barely any mention of WWII in the museum. One of the great things about both places that they had signs in German and English (a lot of the other historical places only have German signs talking about the exhibit items which makes learning about places a little harder) and the museum had an audio guide in English as well.


Above pictures: Left- Imperial Castle, Center and Right- Rally Grounds

We think we’re going to do some more skiing this weekend since we got a good amount of snow this week and are supposed to be in for more tomorrow through Sunday. We finally got our snow tires put on (we were initially told that all season tires were perfectly fine to use here in the winter, but we found out otherwise in Switzerland), so hopefully we won’t get stuck anywhere else:)


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