Stuttgart weekend

This weekend we decided to stay in Stuttgart and explore some of our new city since we’ve been traveling and exploring so many other new places. We’ve been downtown to the Schlosspark (Pedestrian Zone) a few times but only really for events (like the Christmas Market!) and never just to walk around and see the city. On Friday we went to the Wilhelma Zoo which has both a zoo portion and a botanical garden. We took our time going through all the animals and never made it to the gardens before they closed. Afterwards we went to dinner downtown and walked around the Schlosspark for a while. We have been experimenting with different chinese food restaurants but still haven’t found anything we like as much as our favorites from back home. We tried a new place on Friday and I decided I’m going to try a few new recipes this week to see if we can recreate some of our favorite dishes at home instead.

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On Saturday we drove into the city to run in one of the larger parks in the downtown area, it was nice to figure out where more things are and see how different places connect to each other. The rest of the weekend was pretty low key, we went to see Night at the Museum on base and did some cooking. I tried doughnut making for the first time on Sunday! I’ve been waiting to break out my doughnut pan for a while and a day of being lazy and watching a marathon of Suits on Netflix was the perfect time. Here’s the recipe I used just in case you want to try them too:) They were delicious but we probably should have made a half batch because now we can’t stop eating them!



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