Austria Trip and Neuschwanstein

This past weekend we headed down to southern Germany and Austria to do some skiing and sight seeing! It has been unusually hot here so we haven’t had the chance to do any skiing yet and had to head south to find anywhere with open ski runs. We spent Friday night in Garmisch which has its own military base and a military resort. We chose to stay on the economy instead of on base. We got in mid afternoon on Friday and since they only had 3 open ski runs we decided to do a short hike instead. Here are some pictures taken during our hike of the surrounding mountains. You can see the Olympic park where they hold ski jumping!

IMG_0564 (2)IMG_0567

On Saturday we drove the rest of the way down to Solden, Austria to do some skiing. This is the first time I had been skiing and I had a great time. The runs were definitely challenging, They had a lot of runs closed because of the lack of snow so the „beginner“ trails they had open were more difficult than I expected. At one point we took the lift to a spot where there should have been starts for both a beginner and intermediate run but when we got there the beginner run was closed so the only way to get back down was to take the intermediate path. At least I know I’ll be prepared when I come back to the states! We are going down to Switzerland after Christmas and will get to do some skiing there as well 🙂

IMG_1177IMG_1176 (1)

On Sunday we went to do some sight seeing on our way home, we visited Neuschwanstein Castle (the „Disney Castle“) and its neighbor Hohenschwangau. They were beautiful! Its hard to believe Neuschwanstein was only lived in for a few years and only about 1/3 of the rooms are complete. After King Ludwig II died what it never finished. I hope you had a good weekend too!




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